Lana Del Rey

Got a light in your eyes, I can see it

Look into my mind to believe it
Try hard to remember the page 
Blue water from the sea, hands all over me
Tattoos they were glistening
Its been so long since someone made me different

Give heaven a try, be young and be wild
Be free and alive
Give heaven a try, be young and be wild
Just feel alive,
It’s just you and the sun, it’s just you and the sun now baby

Gonna’ light up the skies, I can see it
You’re God’s favorite’s child, boy believe it
Tryin hard to remember the days
Sick as f*cing cyanine
Diamonds and getting blazed
Tattoos still magnificent
No longer high, but you’re not very different

Give heaven a try, be young and be wild
Be free and alive
Give heaven a try, be young and be wild
Just feel alive,
It’s just you and the sun,
Its just you and the sun now, baby, baby, baby

I get so damn tired
You set my soul on fire
Ignite me, insṗired,
Make me higher and higher

Give heaven a try, be young and be wild
Be free and alive
Give heaven a try, be young and be wild
Just feel alive,
It’s just you and the sun, it’s just you and the sun baby




The Art of an Orgasm


I put sex on a pedestal right next to love. I never thought I’d love again after Licorice and I’d never in a million years would have thought I’d have the sex life I have today. I consider myself new to the sex world. I feel like I started late. But I always had a strong intense sex drive. I’ve only had three sexual partners including Emerald. The previous partners (Vanilla Bean and Licorice) I can count on both hands how many times we had sex.

I’ve never experienced an orgasm, a real orgasm, during sex until I met Emerald. Note: This excludes masterbation and only applies to sexual activity involving two people (or more if your nasty). I’m still learning my body but one thing for sure is achieving an orgasm during sex is complicated. Men need to really understand a woman’s body in order to help her achieve an…

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Terrible Travis


I once met a man named Travis.  We exchanged numbers and set up a date.  Little did I know..

I showed up and we sat and made small talk on the sofa.  We continued to talk and Travis got me something to drink.  It was Kool-Aid.  While I am not a snob, since I am no longer six years old, I definitely thought a more appropriate date drink would have been a nice wine.  Hell I would’ve settled for Moscato and I absolutely loathe Moscato.  Nervous, I lit a cigarette and started to smoke.  Thirty seconds later, Travis turned to me and asked me for a cigarette because he was “all out”.  Encouraged to make the best of this date, I willingly gave him one.  Please do not get me wrong.  I am a very generous and giving person, but asking me for a cigarette and what happened next blew my mind.  Travis goes into his room and fumbles around while I sit in the living room in Grande Dame manor while his roommate and 4 friends enjoy a card game.

I should’ve mentioned that earlier, but when I got to his house I walked in we stopped at the roommates little fete of card games and he showed me to the bathroom.  Travis did not so far as introduce me to anyone, and in my book, that is just plain bad form.

When Travis came back from his room, he sat next to me on the sofa and in his hand was a pack of Newports that looked half full.  One, I hate Newports.  They are tacky and as a black man, It is too cliche for anyone black to smoke them.  Two, He asked me for one of my cigarettes and he had half a pack?! I asked him about it, and his response was that he was saving them for later.  I shrug it off and enthusiastically throw myself back into this date. (more…)

People You’ll meet in the Atlanta Gay Scene

drag queen-2The first person you’ll notice or come across is Tina.  Tina can be a masculine top or bottom and is usually good at deceiving people.  One minute Tina is a top, the next she’s a cross dresser.  Let’s give you some background info on how Tina got her name.  Well obviously she does crystal meth a.k.a Tina, and god knows what else.  Once a popular well known person on the circuit, this world chewed this person up and spat them out.  Washed up Has Been Queen.


Tina’s good friend is Legion. Why Legion? Well because they are many.  These are bottoms that for whatever reason decide to hump and grump each other on the dance floor.  You’ll be able to spot Legion because it’s always a group of 4 or more.  Legion advances, or devolves, into Tina.  Future Washed up Has Been Queen


Mr. Two Syllables.  He is most likely to be found by himself or with one other person.  Often lurking or hiding in the dark corners of the bar/club.  He isn’t gay and just gets down…whatever that means.  Can never tell you his full name…instead he gives you BJ, TJ, KB, etc.  He is known to stare you down the entire time or be behind you every time you turn around.  Don’t expect him to talk to you.  Remember he isn’t gay and can’t talk to you.  He can and will try to fuck you in the bathroom so beware.  Preys on fresh meat.  Downlow and Masculinity Issues.


Fresh Meat.  Fresh Meat is someone that is 18 and is still in highschool, freshly out of high school, or just started freshman year at a college.  Don’t know how to handle liquor so don’t stand too close.  Things can get really messy.  Extremely cliquish and conceited, but then the target of everyone because, let’s be honest, everyone wants the new piece.  Confused Newborn.


Mr. Paper Bag.  Ugly as hell, however has money for drinks so Fresh Meat and Tina and Legion are on a hunt for him.  Paper Bag is best friends with Social Security but has known to team up with a Mr. Two Syllables to tag team or run a train on some poor Fresh Meat.  Also tries this with Tina, but no sympathy for Tina.  Paper Bag can usually be singled out by looking anywhere that people tend to congregate.  Bland Boring Thirsty


So fellow lovers, these are just a few of the people you’ll meet in the gay clubs of Atlanta. Beware.


RIP to Exes

keep-calm-you-can-have-my-exSummer was utterly disappointing.  Sure I had my adventures, but nothing of note.  I am completely fine with this.  My favourite seasons have always been spring and fall, and now baby, I’m here!


A quick little update of my fall so far;


Shad and I ended up messing around and making out in the presence of our mutual friend Tom.  Boy wasn’t that odd.  Next day Tom and I were having a “boys night,” which meant of course that I was going to be my best to be heterosexual even though everyone suspects that Tom isn’t…well that’s shade to be thrown and tea to be spilled later.  Anyway, So as we were making wings, Shad pulled me into a corner and tried to get physical with me.  I resisted naturally, but then his phone rang and it of course was Aaron; the holy, do-no-wrong, love of his life Aaron.  Shad finished the conversation as I listened with a “I love you baby and I miss you.”  It was right there when I realized Shad hadn’t told Aaron about how his future possible children ended up on my face.  Even worse, I realized that I was an active member in hurting someone, which Aaron is sure to be eventually with the philandering Shad.  So what is a poor Lover like myself to do?  I called him out on his talk not matching his walk and told him he was dead to me.

I realised that I would never want to be with someone who can’t man up to his own actions and accept the consequences and lies….Expect a “Barbara? This is Shirley” conversation in the future.  In the meantime Ill enjoy being me.


So Cheers fellow lovers….RIP Shad.  Drinks for everyone!